Supply Information  

Harvest – February to August

  • Nuts from 130,000 trees, across 1100 acres of land, fall to the ground
  • Dehusking occurs within 24 hours of harvest; lowering the heat respiration rate
  • The ‘nut in shell’ (NIS) is then stored on site in silos, where the drying process begins
  • The first drying process aims to achieve a moisture content of 10% NIS before the product is sent to the processing facility
  • Macadamias Australia is an innovator in macadamia drying techniques, utilising a biomass macadamia drying process 


Cracking – March to October

  • Once the initial drying of the first harvesting round is complete at our Bundaberg farm, the nut in shell (NIS) is delivered to an offsite processing facility where the kernel is removed from the shell
  • Before the NIS is cracked, it is dried further to achieve a moisture content of 3.5 per cent. Drying shrinks the kernel away from the shell, which allows the shell to be cracked without damaging the kernel
  • Several weeks after the NIS leaves our Bundaberg farm, we determine the outcome of styles and quantities that have been achieved 


Price & Volume Estimates – February to May

  • At this point we are able to provide an estimate of the expected base cost, as well as probable quantities
  • Style price per kg is influenced by several factors, such as exchange rates, inflation rates and global crop production estimates
  • We begin negotiating with wholesale buyers and discussing details that will assist in determining the contracted price, such as port of discharge, LCL (less container load) or FCL (full container load) shipments, labelling etc
  • It is important to Macadamias Australia to promote a stable market to ensure sustainability of the Industry  


Contract Finalisation & Supply – May

  • Each year, Macadamias Australia contracts its entire expected supply of macadamia kernel. Our new season macadamia kernel is available from May. For this reason, contract discussions are ideally conducted between February and May. However, we welcome enquiries year round.
  • We work closely with you and can provide the following documents to meet wholesale clients’ specific needs:  
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Certificate of Analysis
    • Bill of Lading (BoL)
    • Packing List
    • Customer Invoice
    • Phytosanitary certificate
    • Labels (if requested)
    • Certificate of Free Sale
  • To ensure our product gets to you on time and in the required quantities we closely monitor our production and shipping schedule
  • All orders are shipped using a freight forwarder located in close proximity to the Port of Brisbane, this allows for a smooth process in organising all the necessary shipping documents
  • Payment terms are negotiated on an individual contract basis


4625 Goodwood Road
Bundaberg QLD 4670 Australia


4625 Goodwood Road
Bundaberg QLD 4670 Australia


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